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Whether you’re a fresher, 3rd year, PHD or former University student, you will all have come across at least one of these figures on campus. From the classic gap yah guy, (we’ve all seen the youtube video) to the couple that just can’t seem to keep their hand off each other, each of our campus encounters have particular characteristics, sayings and hang out spots that we can all easily recognise.

Inspired by University horror stories, faint memories of nights out and conversations overheard between students, this infographic highlights some of the more humorous aspects of student-types and the lives they lead whilst at University. Now while there are a whole host of campus encounters that we’ve had to leave out, (the classic walk of shame* guy/girl, the political activists etc etc) we’ve picked out our top 5 University students that you’re bound to come across on campus.

Best taken with a pinch of salt, we hope you enjoy it! Based on no scientific evidence whatsoever! *some will insist it’s called the ‘Stride of pride,’ but after witnessing dishevelled pumpkins, vampires and zombies wondering through campus the morning after Halloween it was clear that they were anything but striding with pride.

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