Star Wars: Through the Evolution of Posters

It would be difficult for anyone in the U.S. not to know that Episode VII of Star Wars will be released on December 18th. Fans all over the world are anxiously awaiting this film – one that breaks aten-year long drought from Star Wars films. And just very recently, the official poster for “The Force Awakens” was released – as posters have been released for all episodes since 1977. Everyone is familiar with the iconic posters from other episodes that appear in this infographic. Within it, however, will be a number that most people will not recognize. These were created by designers to publicize film openings in their own countries – the Soviet Union in 1980, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Italy, and Japan. These are fascinating to view, especially the depictions of Darth Vader in many of them. The other obvious understanding from this infographic is the popularity that Star Wars has obviously had throughout the world. And as Episode VII makes its way across the globe, there will be new posters crafted by designers in all of these countries as well. Star Wars is obviously a global phenomenon, and Disney is smart to take up the gauntlet to produce more episodes. Movie theatres all over this country will be packed on December 18 and for many weeks thereafter. And as this phenomenon that is Star Wars continues, so will the work of artists and designers to create posters that will become as iconic as earlier ones did.

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