The Smart Drug?

While pulling an all-nighter in order to study for mid-term may have been fueled by coffee and donuts for previous generations, today’s students are reaching for far more dangerous substances to help them get those last few chapters crammed. has created a shocking infographic unveiling the startling number of college students using-and abusing-stimulants and other drugs.

Shire Pharmaceuticals created the drug known as Adderall back in 1996 to help children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, along with those suffering from narcolepsy. Right from the beginning, the drug is adopted for off-label use, such as aiding soldiers during times of war. By 2010, over $39 million dollars is spent on 32,000 prescriptions. With over 18 million prescriptions being written nationwide, the government decides to implement a ceiling for the drug’s main ingredient, Amphetamine.

These numbers show that the drug is being abused by thousands of people. Adderall may help ADD/ADHD and narcolepsy, but the side effects are serious. Side effects from Adderall can include tremors, depression, trouble sleeping, uneven heartbeat, hallucinations, and even seizures. Study drugs are a national problem. 7% of university students admit to using stimulants non-medically at least once. 3 in 10 students at the University of Kentucky admit to using a stimulant.

Research is also beginning to show that the abuse of study drugs-like Adderall-can lead to a dangerous problem with other substances. 90% of full-time college students who have abused study drugs in the past year also abuse alcohol. In fact, this infographic shows that students who abuse study drugs will be 79.9% more likely to use marijuana, 28.9% more likely to use cocaine, 24.5% more likely to use tranquilizers, and 44.9% more likely to use painkillers. Feel free to comment, like, and share this infographic from entitled, The Smart Drug?

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